2022 Pennants Draw

The continuing rains and resultant impact on our courses has meant that completion of the 2022 Pennant season can not be completed in the short term.

As a result it has been determined:

1. All Pennant contests, Junior and Senior, that will have no impact on the result of the Pennant or Sterland Shield have been abandoned.

2. All play in the series, Junior and Senior, has been deferred until September. If a club scheduled to host a contest is of the belief that the course has improved to an acceptable standard prior to September consideration will be given to playing that contest before September subject to one months notice to the clubs involved.

3. If a Club not scheduled to host any of the remaining contests is of the view that its course is ready for play and the Club can allocate tee time (which will be gratefully accepted) a contest may be transferred to that venue provided that a home course advantage does not occur.

4. As future contests are completed any remaining contests still outstanding no longer having a bearing on the Pennant or the Sterland Shield will be abandoned.

 To view the Conditions of Play for the 2022 Senior Pennant click here.

For an "A" grade result sheet click here. For a "B" grade result sheet click here. For a "C" grade result sheet click here.

To view the Conditions of Play for the 2022 Junior Pennant click here.

For a Junior result sheet click here.

CCDGA reserves the right to amend or alter the draws or conditions of play at any time and as circumstances warrant. Any changes will be promulgated as soon as changes are determined.

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